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Are We Liked?

It's a good idea, sites nice, easy to use there's one maybe two things I'll get...

Helene CA

A Godsend for people on fixed incomes at this time of year when every...

Ann Marie TN

Really is kinda cool cause I don't got a lot to spend.

Zack NJ

Some of the stuff is interesting think I'll get myself a cheap Christmas gift. Ha Ha...

Jay TX

Yeah, I really like CHEAP.

Geo MI

Don't know if I'll buy enough to get the discounts but I will take the FREE shipping.

Cissy FL

I haven't seen a lot of these things before they might make good stocking STUFFERS...

Georgette IL

I'd give it a 7 for the unusual presents and an 8 or 9 for the price which is very doable.

Sara PA

Picked up some presents and didn't have to spend much thanks.

Aslam NY

I'm gonna get a few of these for my friends and family and I'm DONE.

Eric CA