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The BIG Bandana // (2X) Twice the Size of a Classic Bandana


Bigger – Thicker – Multi-Use

 the new Classic American bandana!

Product Highlights:

  • Twice the size of a regular bandana – 27″ vs 21″
  • Approximate Size: 27″ x 27″
  • Higher thread count than regular bandanas
  • Fade-resistant material
  • Colors:  Red Paisley | Blue Paisley | Camo

The Big Bandana is great for biking, hiking and much more …



The BIG BANDANA is not your typical  bandana. The Big Bandana is far better than a regular classic bandana. Why? Because The Big Bandana is actually almost 2x the size of a regular classic bandana. The Big Bandana (or BB) is guaranteed to fit any head or neck with room to spare. And because BB is also made of heavier fabric nice n’ “broke-in” doesn’t mean “broke-down” anymore. So if you’re Bikin’, Hikin’, Cleanin’ or Carryin’, Walkin or Workin’, Coverin’ or Campin’ you can count on THE BIG BANDANA to get the job done.
What’s included?

– The BIG Bandana 27″ x 27″
Great Gift Idea!

Additional information


1 Red Paisley, 1 Blue Paisley, 1 Camo, 3-Pack (Red, Blue & Camo)


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