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Our Christmas Gifts Are Unique & Inexpensive (Under $20). But You’ll Look Like You Spent A Bundle.

Now you don’t have to worry about finding that perfect gift or the cost.  Our thrifty Santa says “Take a while and build your pile.” We got the gifts you need, at a price hard to believe. Cheap Christmas Gift.com is here to help.


Cheap Christmas Gifts Under Less Than 20 Dollars Bucks

We got unique, quality gifts for less than $20. That’s enough to make even Jackson smile.


hot sexy girl giving cheap christmas gift wink winking smiling

We offer smart discounts on our already crazy cheap prices as you build your pile of presents on orders over $50 and $100.

FREE SHIPPING – Orders Over $39.00

Cheap Christmas Gifts Free Shipping

That’s Right FREE shipping for all orders over $39.00.


santa frustrated need help finding christmas gift

We’re on the lookout for unique, low-cost gifts. But products come and go so if you see something you like grab one (or two).

Photo Pro lens breakdown 2

Photo Pro // Smartphone 5 in 1 Lens Kit

A NO-BRAINER gift for anyone with a smart phone. You get the FIVE most popular and useful lenses in one convenient carry case. So go for a Photo Pro!

$19.99 Each  or  $29.99 for (2)


WATCH – Photo Pro Lenses Unboxing and Demo

It's a good idea, sites nice, easy to use there's one maybe two things I'll get... - Helene, CA


Compact Mirror // Large 10x and 1x Magnification

Beautiful, slim COMPACT with a huge 10 X mirror (3.5 inches) and a pretty big 1X mirror (3.0 inches).

$14.99 Each  or  $19.99 for (2)


Don't know if I'll buy enough to get the discounts but I will take the FREE shipping. - Cissy, FL


The BIG Bandana // (2X) Twice the Size of a Classic Bandana

The big bandanna twice (2X) the size of other bandannas. The classic,standard American bandanna is back! Big and Strong enough for Work or Fun, count on BB to get the job done.

$7.99 Each or
$19.99 for (3-Pack Red, Blue & Camo)

Accurate BPR-6 Hidden Secret Agent Mini Sound Audio Video Camera Recording Ballpoint Pen Silver Black

Spy Pen BPR-6 // Video and Audio Recording Pen

Discretely video record in high definition or take photos or just write something. When supplies are gone this super low price won’t be seen again.

$14.99 Each  or  $19.99 for (2)


WATCH – Spy Pen in Action

Yeah, I really like CHEAP. - Geo, MI

ionic smoke eater filter light bulb purifier

Ionic Clean Air Bulb // Light-Bulb Air Purifier

This equivalent to a 60 W light bulb also produces ions that remove allergens and smoke from the air in the immediate area.

$4.99 Each  or  $9.99 for (3)


WATCH – Ionic Clean Air Bulb in Action

redu shaper waist sweat band lose weight

Redu Shaper // Exercise Weight-Loss Helper

Genuine AS SEEN ON TV product. The Redu Shaper is now at an unbelievable 2-for-1 offer. Get em’ while they last offer!

$14.99 Each  or  $19.99 for (2)


WATCH – Redu Shaper in Action

smartphone smart touch touchscreen pen stylus

Smart Screen Touch Pen // Smart Phone Stylus and Pen

Beautiful premium pen design is brass lined for greater sensitivity than other common styluses. Get either a 3-pack (Desert Rose, Black or White) or the Classic Chrome for a special gift.

$7.99 Each Color
Chrome for $9.99 Each
$9.99 for 3-Pack (Colors: Desert Rose, Black or White)

Pen Refill – (1) for $1.99  or  (3) Refills for only $3.00.


WATCH – Touch Screen Pen and Stylus in Action

Smart Touch Pen comes in (4) Colors:

Desert Rose, Black, White or Chrome

Watch Video

FRESH Filters – Less Tar More Taste!

The most thoughtful gift for any smoker on your list. Fresh filters remove over 90% of the tar and harmful substances from cigarettes. And most customers think this actually improves the taste. Each pack has 30 filters and each filter is good for up to five regular or 10 light cigarettes. Help your friends and loved ones to cut back and quit and make a FRESH start!

WATCH – FRESH Filters Video
Less Tar – More Taste.

I'm gonna get a few of these for my friends and family and I'm DONE. - Erica, CA

Got Power Smartphone Mobile Charger Battery Backup Flashlight

Got Power // Mobile Charger and Flashlight

Got Power? Is an elegant lipstick style smart phone charger with a handy FLASHLIGHT. Beautifully made in metallic silver or lipstick pink.

$12.99 Each  or  $19.99 for (2)

Sungoddess Temporary Gold Tattoo

SunGoddess Tattoos // Golden Temporary Tattoos

Up-Style your next vacation in elegance with beautiful, shimmering, golden, temporary body art. Lasts up to a week.

$7.99 Each  or  $19.99 for (Theme 3-Pack)


WATCH – Golden Tattoos Up-close

I haven't seen a lot of these things before they might make good stocking STUFFERS. - Georgette, IL


Waist Space // Stretchable Pants Extender

Waist Space is the only pants extender that moves with you. Made from strong silicone rubber with two notches Waist Space offers between half an inch to 3 inches of instant additional comfort. Great for those who need a little extra space in da’ waist and the rest of us after all that holiday eating. Makes a GREAT Stocking Stuffer!

$7.99 Each (2-Pack)
$19.99 for (Three 2-Packs)


WATCH – Waist Space in Action


Star of Bethlehem // Moravian Star

Coming Soon!

This is one of the most traditional and beautiful of Christmas designs. Ours DOES NOT REQUIRE HOURS OF ASSEMBLY but simply folds out to reveal a Christmas wonder.
(Lighting not included.)

$9.99 Each  or  $19.99 for (3)


WATCH – Moravian Star History.

Picked up some presents and didn't have to spend much thanks.. - Aslam, NY

back-up spine waist support lift weight neoprine heated tourmaline belt unisex

Back Up // Neoprene Back Supporter

Back-Up is a neoprene back support that adjusts to any size or angle as tight or as loose as required. It’s wide enough to cover the entire lumbar region but costs only a fraction of other belts.
Back-Up comes in 2 Versions – Heated and No Heat

$9.99 Each


WATCH – Back-Up in Action.

I'd give it a 7 for the unusual presents and an 8 or 9 for the price which is very doable. - Sara, PA


HandiTray // One Handed Food-Beverage Tray & Serving Utensil

Another cheap Christmas gift exclusive. The ultimate party accessory. With HANDITRAY your guests can carry an entire meal with drinks securely and easily with one hand.

Ships in assorted (5) colors although we will try to accommodate larger orders of just one color.

$4.99 Each Color
$9.99 for (3 Colors: Red, White, Blue)
$19.99 for (10 Colors: Mixed – Red, White, Blue, Green, Black)

HandiTray One Hand Tray Food Beverage Tray Utensil Invention Easy to Use Idea
HandiTray One Hand Tray Food Beverage Tray Utensil Invention Revolutionary Idea
HandiTray One Hand Tray Food Beverage Tray Utensil Invention New Idea
HandiTray One Hand Tray Food Beverage Tray Utensil Invention Holds Everything Idea
HandiTray One Hand Tray Food Beverage Tray Utensil Invention Party Idea
HandiTray One Hand Tray Food Beverage Tray Utensil Invention Stackable Idea

WATCH – HandiTray in Action.

Really is kinda cool cause I don't got a lot to spend. - Zack, NJ


Cool Wave // 100 Menthol Crush-Ball Filters

A truly unique present for any ”roll your own” -errs on your list. Now they can finally roll their own with ”mint-menthol” flavored crush-ball filters. Not available anywhere else online! So get yours while supplies last at this low-low price!

$7.99 Each
$14.99 for (3 Bags or 300 Filters)


WATCH – What are Cool Wave (Crushball) Mint-Menthol Filters?

Some of the stuff is interesting think I'll get myself a cheap Christmas gift. Ha Ha... - Jay, TX

Cheap Christmas Gift Fat Mop Sponge Kitchen Tool

Fat Mop // Fat and Grease Skimmer Cooking Tool

Yes, this is the original FAT MOP, with over a million sold and ONLY AVAILABLE HERE! For those of you who don’t know the FAT MOP it is a unique cooking tool that removes fat and grease from your favorite foods making them healthier for you. The FAT MOP is heat resistant and can be used when cooking soup or on hot foods. Better burgers, less fattier fried foods, perfect pizza. Best of all just use the squeeze cover to remove the fat from the mop when full, when finished just place in the dishwasher to clean.

$14.99 Each  or  $24.99 for (2)


WATCH – Fat Mop in Action.

A Godsend for people on fixed incomes at this time of year when every... - Ann Marie, TN

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